Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships in Science, Engineering and Mathematics

The Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships, funded by a donation from a Queen Mary alumnus, have been created to provide talented students with the opportunity to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects at the leading universities in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to a generous £3 million donation from Dr Naim Dangoor, this scholarship will assist students to study vital science and maths-based subjects at the UK’s leading research-intensive universities.

Queen Mary is especially pleased to participate in this scheme as Dr Naim Dangoor studied Engineering at Queen Mary in the 1930s. Queen Mary will provide matched funding to increase the number of scholarships available at the College to 33 in total.

Dr Dangoor has said that this scholarship, named in honour of his father Eliahou Dangoor, is his way of thanking the country that gave him refuge after he left Iraq in the 1960s. It is hoped that this ambitious scheme will encourage more young people to consider studying STEM subjects at one of the country’s leading universities.

See 1994 Group web site for further information. For other Queen Mary Scholarship and Bursary opportunities see the Fees and finance section.

How the Scholarships Will Work

Each of the 33 scholarships offered at Queen Mary will be worth £1,000, payable for one year in the first year of study only, or £500 for part-time students.

Students applying for science, technology, engineering and mathematics degree programmes and who are home fees status will be eligible. A complete list of eligible degree programmes can be found below.

The scholarships awarded will be based on academic merit and will be aimed at students who might not otherwise be able to take up their places on degree programmes.

Applicants to Queen Mary for the degree programmes listed need not make separate application for the Eliahou Dangoor Scholarships: they will be automatically considered.

Eliahou Dangoor Scholarship Eligible Programmes

CodeQualificationProgramme title
H400MEngAerospace Engineering
H421BEngAerospace Engineering
H422BEngAerospace Engineering Sandwich
HHX1BEngAerospace Engineering with Foundation
FF69BSc (Eng)Applied Geology and Environmental Geotechnics
FFY3MSciAstrophysics with Foundation
H657BEngAudio Systems Engineering
H490MEngAvionics and Space Systems
C7F4BScBiochemistry with Forensic Science
C7C5BScBiochemistry with Microbiology
C180BScBiodiversity and Conservation
CF11BScBiology and Chemistry
C1N1BScBiology with Business Management
C1C8BScBiology with Psychology
J501BEngBiomedical Materials Science and Engineering
B990BScBiomedical Sciences
G506BScBusiness Computing
G505BScBusiness Computing with Industrial Experience
G5N2BScBusiness Computing with Management
F1C7BScChemistry with Biochemistry
FFX1BScChemistry with Biochemistry with Foundation
F1N1BScChemistry with Business Management
F1N2BScChemistry with Business Management
F1F4BScChemistry with Forensic Science
H640MEngCommunication Engineering
H650MEngComputer Engineering
H651BEngComputer Engineering
G400BScComputer Science
G401MSciComputer Science
GC41BScComputer Science and Biology
GG41BScComputer Science and Mathematics
G450BScComputer Science and Multimedia
GC48BScComputer Science and Psychology
G451BScComputer Science and Web Technologies
G4N1BScComputer Science with Business Management
G4N2BScComputer Science with Business Management and Accounting
G402BScComputer Science with Industrial Experience
CF94FDScCrime Scene and Forensic Investigation
J500BEngDental Materials
J504MEngDental Materials
W240MEngDesign and Innovation
WH21BEngDesign and Innovation
H658MEngDigital Audio and Music Systems Engineering
H645MEnge-Commerce Engineering
H600BEngElectrical and Electronic Engineering
H610BEngElectronic Engineering
H614MEngElectronic Engineering
H100BSc (Eng)Engineering
H106BEngEngineering Science
H1N1BSc (Eng)Engineering with Business Management
C150BScEnvironmental Biology
F810BScEnvironmental Geography
J5F9MEngEnvironmental Materials Technology
J5FXBEngEnvironmental Materials Technology
F850BScEnvironmental Science
F8N2BScEnvironmental Science with Business Management
BF94BScForensic Science and Biomedical Sciences
CCX1BScForensic Science and Biomedical Sciences with Foundation
C4C5BScGenetics with Microbiology
F890BScGeography with Environmental Hazards
G503BSc (Eng)Information and Communications Technology in a Business Environment
G502BSc (Eng)Information and Communications Technology
H647BSc (Eng)Interactive Media Design
H655MEngInternet Computing
H656BEngInternet Engineering
C162BScMarine and Freshwater Biology
J5CHMEngMaterials and Business
J590BEngMaterials and Design
JH53MEngMaterials and Mechanical Engineering
J502MEngMaterials Engineering in Medicine
J510MEngMaterials Science
J511BEngMaterials Science and Engineering
J551BScMaterials Science and Engineering
JJX5BScMaterials Science and Engineering with Foundation
J5N2MEngMaterials with Business
J5NFBEngMaterials with Business
F2F4BEngMaterials with Forensic Science
GG14BScMathematics and Computing
FG31BScMathematics and Physics
GGX1BScMathematics and Physics with Foundation
GG31BScMathematics and Statistics
G1L1BScMathematics and Statistics with Finance
G1N1BScMathematics with Business Management
G1N4BScMathematics with Finance and Accounting
G1C8BScMathematics with Psychology
G1G3MSciMathematics with Statistics
GN13BScMathematics, Business Management and Finance
GL11BScMathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics
H300BEngMechanical Engineering
H301MEngMechanical Engineering
H303BEngMechanical Engineering Sandwich
HHY1MEngMechanical Engineering with Foundation
HH36MEngMechanical Systems Engineering
HB18MEngMedical Engineering
HBC8BEngMedical Engineering
C431BScMedical Genetics
C720BScMolecular Biology
C7FKBScMolecular Biology with Forensic Science
C7FSBScMolecular Biology with Forensic Studies
G452BScMultimedia Computing
G453BScMultimedia Computing with Industrial Experience
H648MEngMultimedia Systems Technology
H649BEngMultimedia Systems Technology
F390BScNanoscience and Nanotechnology
F391MSciNanoscience and Nanotechnology
CFG0BScNatural Sciences
FFX3BScNatural Sciences with Foundation
F151BScPharmaceutical Chemistry
F152MSciPharmaceutical Chemistry
F153MSciPharmaceutical Chemistry with a Year in Industry
FFY1MSciPharmaceutical Chemistry with Foundation
F840BScPhysical Geography
FL31BScPhysics and Economics
F3G4BScPhysics with Computing
F3N3BScPhysics with Finance
F350MSciPhysics with Medical Physics
F392BScPhysics with Particle Physics
F393MSciPhysics with Particle Physics
F304BScPhysics with Study Abroad
F305MSciPhysics with Study Abroad
J400BEngPolymer Technology
G110BScPure Mathematics
CH63MEngSports Engineering
H221BEngSustainable Energy Engineering
H224MEngSustainable Energy Engineering
F323MSciTheoretical Physics
F340BScTheoretical Physics
C3C1BScZoology with Aquatic Biology
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