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Hans Blumenberg and the Theory of Political Myth

Date: Saturday 17 March 2018, 10:00 to 17:00

Venue: Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), University of London
Room 246, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

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In recent years, the phenomenon of political myth has attracted increasing scholarly attention. In its wake, the concept of political myth has begun to establish itself as a relevant concept of political theory. The increasing interest in political myth seems to be related to the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary politics. Especially in the context of political rhetoric, identity politics and collective action, the theory of political myth has often proved to be a vital source of fresh and illuminating insights.

Since Chiara Bottici’s A Philosophy of Political Myth (2007), the theoretical framework of political myth has been successfully enriched by integrating seminal concepts from Hans Blumenberg’s theory of myth. Under the influence of Bottici’s work, recent theorists of political myth tend to underline, for instance, that one of the most important functions of political myths is to create ‘significance’. But what does it mean to create significance, as a specific dimension of political communication or political action? How do political myths construct collective identities and thereby affect political agency? Are political myths always nefarious and related to propaganda and misinformation, or might they have a legitimate use under some circumstances?

The workshop will focus on the importance of the work of Hans Blumenberg in relation to these questions and will offer close readings and interpretations of two recently published texts from the Blumenberg Nachlass: ‘Präfiguration’ (which deals with political myth and its relation to National Socialism) and ‘Moses der Ägypter’ (which examines the use of political myth in relation to the trial of Adolf Eichmann), and include lectures on Blumenberg’s most fruitful and challenging contributions to developing a more refined theory of political myth.

Felix Heidenreich (IEP, Paris/University of Stuttgart)
Jean-Claude Monod (ENS, Paris)
Herbert De Vriese (University of Antwerp)
Geert Van Eekert (University of Antwerp)
Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary University of London)

Advance registration required by February 17th.
Please contact Herbert De Vriese, email:
Held in conjunction with the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, and the Centre for European Philosophy at the University of Antwerp.

Research Colloquia 2017-18 - Programme Announcement
The 2017/18 CAGCR FRIDAY RESEARCH SEMINAR series will focus on Nietzsche in connection with the Oscar Levy Forum (OLF) for Nietzsche Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

Time & Venue: 4-6 pm at Lockkeeper’s Cottage, QMUL/Mile End Campus

The programme dates:
20th October 2017: Oscar Levy on Nietzsche
3rd November 2017: G. B. Shaw, Man and Superman or: Thus Spoke Zarathustra revisited
1st December 2017: Bertrand Russell on Nietzsche
26th January 2018: Understanding Nietzsche I – textual hermeneutics presented by participants
16th February 2018: Understanding Nietzsche II – textual hermeneutics presented by participants
9th March 2018: Guest Lecture: Professor Dr. Barbara Naumann (Zürich/Cologne): Against Self-Reflection: Nietzsche’s Circumventions of the Self
18th May 2018: D. H. Lawrence’s Nietzscheanism

The programme can be downloaded HERE.

Seminar Sessions are open to all PGT & PGR students in the UoL; compulsory for PGR students supervised by Professor Rüdiger Görner.

Registration through PhD cand. Ms Richelle Whitehead, M.A.
Email: r.whitehead[at]

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