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About the Beyond Flanders Fields conference

Following the success of two 2014 conferences on the Great War (Languages and the First World War at the University of Antwerp and the British Library, June 2014)  and Perspectives on the Great War (Queen Mary University of London, August 2014), a conference will be organised by colleagues at Queen Mary University of London, and University College London that will address the many opportunities that are still left unexplored in uncovering the First World War: Beyond Flanders Fields.

By opening the field beyond the military and beyond the front, the organisers of Beyond Flanders Fields offer a platform from which the interdisciplinary and international nature of First World War scholarship will be extended. Keynote speakers include a range of prominent scholars and internationally renowned academics on the First World War such as Professor Sophie De Schaepdrijver (The Pennsylvania State University) and Professor Hubert van Tuyll (Augusta University). Among the abstracts accepted are authors from Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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