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Recipients of your support

Thanks to the continued generosity of alumni, staff and friends of Queen Mary, we are able to help more and more students make the most out of their time at university. But don’t take our word for it… take theirs!


Receiving an Annual Fund scholarship made me feel extremely proud that my hard work was being recognised and helped motivate me to continue working hard.
Nicholas, BSc Theoretical Physics


As an English student, a lot of money is spent on course books, such as novels and anthologies. The scholarship has allowed me to invest in books of literary theory and philosophy, which are fundamental to the development of one’s critical approach to literature. These volumes will be useful to me not only in the successful completion of my University degree, but also in my future studies and career.
Georgia, BA English


Being awarded this highly competitive scholarship definitely makes me stand out from the crowd. It is a great addition to my CV and will hopefully help me secure a PhD studentship. Thank you!
Trisha, BSc Chemistry and Biochemistry


I am part of a four-year-long programme Barts called the Prehospital Care Programme that requires students to do shifts with the London Ambulance Service, the London Air Ambulance Service and shifts at A and E at the Royal London. I found fulfilling the mandatory requirements for this programme, in addition to working and other commitments very difficult to cope with and was considering dropping out of the scheme to facilitate more hours at work to pay my rent. Because of this bursary I no longer have to do that. Thank you so much!
Candace, Medicine



The biggest thing this scholarship gave me is the confidence of knowing that I have accomplished something that not everyone has. The new found confidence that I gained allowed me to get involved with more academic activities and work towards securing an internship. I am currently doing an industrial placement as a developer at Goldman Sachs.
Muhammad, BSc Computer Science



This past year has been extremely financially tight; with student loans reduced in fifth year, I have been relying on part-time work to cover the deficit. Receiving this grant has meant that I could stop work a month before finals and it has relieved a huge amount of strain during a very stressful period. I have been able to focus on my revision without distraction, which will benefit me hugely in the long run. I am enormously grateful to the donors who have helped me out so much, thank you!
Hardship bursary recipient, Medicine


The hardship bursary has meant a lot to me and I would like to thank the donors for their generous contribution. With your help I was able to pay for my accommodation rent, not be forced to leave and overall enjoy my studies as a normal student without constantly worrying about financial issues. I really appreciate your help.
Hardship bursary recipient, Medicine


This bursary will help me to do the little things I couldn’t do before, like buy books. I have never owned a book before and from my first year I have constantly borrowed from the library.  Please carry on helping students like me who have literally nowhere else to go for help and know your money is going to something worthwhile. Thanks to your support I hope to finish Medical School and one day give back to Queen Mary and help students like you have helped me.
Hardship bursary recipient, Medicine


Having had to support myself from the age of 11 in a new country and lead a single parent household, I am where I am now only because those who have supported me throughout my life. This bursary from the Annual Fund will allow me to achieve a great milestone in my life, bringing about a turning point. I am ever so grateful to those who have supported me.
Hardship bursary recipient, Medicine

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