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Telephone Campaign 2016

I would like to support the Annual Fund

We're looking forward to speaking to you in our sixth Annual Fund Telephone Campaign which will take place during November 2016. Our team of 40 student callers will be ringing over 1,500 alumni across the globe. The campaign gives them an opportunity to speak with you, our alumni, to find out what you are up to now, share experiences of university life, gain advice on career options and update you on the Annual Fund.

Last year our student callers were overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity of the alumni community, who pledged over £145,000 to support student projects, scholarships and bursaries, transforming the lives of students here at Queen Mary. 

"My favourite thing about working on the call team is that we get to talk to such great alumni who are passionate about Queen Mary and are willing to give us advice and share their amazing experiences post-QM." 

- Lokeshwari, 2015 student caller


"The alumni we speak to are never doing what you expect! The variety of jobs and lifestyles you hear about is amazing!"

- Matilda, 2015 student caller

We would love to speak with as many of you as possible during the campaign but due to time and resources we aren’t able to contact everybody.  

If you would like to request inclusion in the campaign or, alternatively, if you would like to opt-out of being called, please email

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