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50th anniversary of the School of Economics and Finance

For more information, or to support the 50th anniversary of the School of Economics and Finance: 

Preston Chair Pledge Card [PDF 4,146KB]

School of Law celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years: School of Law brochure [PDF 310KB]

Santander partnership with Queen Mary

Santander Annual Report 2015 [PDF 7,292KB]

We are delighted to announce that banking group Santander have agreed to extend their partnership with Queen Mary for a further three years. The agreement, signed by the Principal Professor Simon Gaskell and Santander’s Head of UK Banking Steve Pateman on Wednesday 12 November, sees the bank’s funding support increase from £40,000 to £50,000 a year over the three-year period. Since 2011, Santander have generously supported study abroad opportunities, internships, enterprise activities and scholarships for overseas students.

In a report [PDF 3,781KB] specially produced by Queen Mary to thank Santander for its financial support, a number of QMUL students have explained how they have personally benefitted from the arrangement. Thanks to funding from Santander, they have been able to study overseas in locations such as Spain, Germany and Argentina. Jessica Padfield spent a year in Buenos Aires working for an organisation called Hecho en Bs As (the equivalent of The Big Issue in this country), helping the homeless community. Jessica says that she would not have been able to go to Latin America without the support from Santander, adding: “I hope that Santander continue to give such grants as it is not only a great incentive for those students who are going away, it is also a great recognition for those students who are hard workers and have been dedicated to their studies throughout the course of their degree.”

The new agreement also includes two new developments – the funding of projects for the Students’ Union, which will improve the employability of Queen Mary graduates through training and community work, and the opportunity to collaborate more closely with Grupo Cultural AfroReggae’s arts intervention work in Rio de Janeiro, offering a real alternative to the gang culture of the favelas.

Barts Pathology Museum

This beautiful Grade II listed museum at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield, houses over 5,000 medical specimens, including the skull of John Bellingham – the only person to assassinate a British Prime Minister. It is being given a new lease of life and welcomes visitors young and old who are interested in its history, design and science, providing lectures, guided tours and other educational activities. You can make a gift to support the development of this unique museum through our online service here.

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