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Mr Simon Jailler

Law, 1988

Employment details
Legal Counsel

Impact of degree on career choice and current opportunities
I work as an in-house counsel specialising in IT contracts, data protection law and

The basic core legal topics (despite all the best efforts of lots of tutors) made no sense to me at the time but Professor Yelland and taught me problem solving skills which I use all the time.

My daily challenge is delivering commercially practical solutions for tomorrow's challenges, yesterday! If you have ever worked in logistics this will make perfect sense.

I am glad I stuck with law but have been tempted by journalism and writing.

Advice to current students
Get some practical experience via the courts or a solicitor's office before and during your studies. This will help you grasp why all the lectures and subjects are relevant to your legal career. Take every opportunity to experience different subjects and make the very most of all the spare time you have at college. Time is a precious commodity once work and domestic bliss grab your full attention.

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