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Mr David Forth

Law, 1975

Mr David Forth 1975, Law

Employment details
Forth de Avellar Limited

Activities after graduation
After my law degree from Queen Mary, I was subsequently called to the Bar. I then trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and worked at senior levels in BP, BAT and other overseas multinational companies. I did not expect to become a Chartered Accountant when I started studying law at QMC, but my legal studies, especially in commercial law have been very helpful in my subsequent career.

Impact of degree on career choice and current opportunities
I am an Interim Manager: hired on temporary contracts to work as a Financial Director, Controller or Commercial Director. This involves packaging businesses for sale, buying and selling companies and assets. Both my qualifications are useful especially when dealing with legal and financial due diligence or managing mergers and acquisitions’ transactions.

Advice to current students
Keep up-to-date and stay alert to opportunities: they can come from unexpected directions. I have stuck to a personal motto of, ‘integrity, courage and enthusiasm’, since school days and not everybody does this. Finally, remember that work should be fun... if it isn't, then look for something else.

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