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Wednesday 11 June
Rowing reunion of QMC historians and mathematicians


Saturday 13 April 
Celebrating 125 years of Electronic Engineering

Saturday 21 September 
40th Anniversary of The London (Medics) 1973 starters
Organiser: Harry Walmsley

Thursday 3 October 
50th Anniversary of The London (Medics and Dentists) 1963 intake
Organiser: Robin Harrod

Saturday 5 October 
30th Anniversary of Barts q 1983
Organisers: Paul Carter and Paul Veys

Saturday 12 October 
21st Anniversary of Barts 1987 intake
Organisers: Ehab Bishay and Catherine Wykes

Saturday 19 October 
35th Anniversary of Barts q 1978
Organiser: Liz Cox

Saturday 23 November 
30th Anniversary of The London (Medics) q 1983
Organiser: Andrew Fernando

Saturday 23 November
40th Anniversary of Barts q 1973
Organisers: Peter Acres and Richard Wells

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