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The Drapers' Company and Queen Mary

From the founding of the People’s Palace till the present day, Queen Mary has had support from the Drapers' Company. Originally a medieval guild for the drapery trade, the Company is based in the City of London and was founded in around 1361. The Drapers' Company today has a range of responsibilities, including administering educational charitable trusts and almshouses for the elderly. Its links with the cloth industry have recently been re-established, with exhibitions, awards and sponsorship, in textile design, conservation and technology.

The Drapers' Charitable Fund makes a substantial annual grant to Queen Mary to recognise excellence and achievement by students, staff and support staff.  In particular, the Fund provides student prizes, support for a research studentship and for medical students, grants for teaching and learning innovations, and offers small hardship grants for undergraduates who would otherwise not be able to attend university.

Historically, a member of the Drapers' Company acted as Chair of the Queen Mary College Council.  Recent members of the College with membership of the Company include Sir Christopher France (Chair of Council, 1995 – 2003), and Professor Graham Zellick (Principal, 1990 – 1998).

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